How to Bench Press 300 Lbs

How to Bench Press 300 Lbs

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Maxing out at 300 pounds takes a lot of training, proper technique and the right nutritional plan.

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It's a lofty goal for many lifters, but if you're hovering around the 250-pound mark (or even less) on your way up to 300, you can break through and achieve your goal with the right training strategy. This plan will help you overcome fitness plateaus and increase your one-rep max on the bench quickly. The concept behind this routine is to combine reverse pyramid training with compound sets to boost overall strength and stimulate muscle growth. Because it's a high-intensity workout, you should only do it twice per week. Rest is a critical component of increasing your bench press potential, so don't underestimate it.


Wear a pair of weightlifting gloves when working with heavy weight. It improves your grip and reduces stress on your hands.


Warm up by first doing a set of about 20 pushups. Take a 60 second break, and then do a set of bench press using a weight you can do at least 15 times. The idea is to get the blood pumping and your muscles working.


Stretch your chest muscles using static stretches, and also stretch your arms, particularly your triceps. Take two or three minutes to really stretch your pectoral muscles well. If your chest muscles don't feel warmed up at this point, do a second set of 15 to 20 pushups.


Load up the barbell with your current one-rep max resistance level. If you can do 225 pounds one time, load the barbell with that amount. Get yourself pumped up and do the lift. Try to do as many reps as possible. If you can do just one, that's totally fine. Rest for two minutes after this set.


Remove about 20 pounds from the bar. Again, try to do as many reps as possible. If you only did one rep on the first set, try to do three on this one. Rest for two minutes before tackling the next set.


Take another 20 pounds off the bar and complete a third set, doing as many reps as possible. Get off the bench and immediately do a set of pushups until muscle failure. Rest for two minutes, and repeat the same thing - minus 20 pounds on the bar -- for the fourth and final set of the workout.


Stretch your chest muscles thoroughly at the end of the workout. They will no doubt be tight.


Repeat this workout twice per week with at least three days of rest between each session. Increase the starting bench press weight by five pounds (or 10 pounds if you can handle it) per week to keep progressing up to the 300-pound bench press goal. You'll get there -- just be patient and stay motivated to achieve this milestone.

Things Needed

  • Bench with barbell and weight plates
  • Weight lifting gloves


  • Strongly consider using a spotter to help you with the heaviest lifts. This becomes increasingly important as you get high up there in barbell weight.
  • Eat plenty of protein throughout the day. Protein is essential to build muscle, so include a portion of protein with every meal. For example, eggs for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, chicken breast for dinner and protein shake for post-workout nutrition. Of course, you should also eat plenty of veggies, fruits and whole grains as well.


  • Never try to lift more weight than you know you can handle. If you're unsure, get a spotter to help you with the lift.
  • Stop the workout if you feel muscle pain beyond that of the normal burning your muscles feel during weight training. It could be a muscle strain or tear. It's probably a sign you're pushing it too hard.


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