Daily Workouts for a Bigger Butt

Daily Workouts for a Bigger Butt

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Hiking is an excellent cardiovascular butt lifting and toning exercise.

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A bigger butt can be accomplished with the right exercises. Whether you're building the glute muscle for athletic purposes or you simply want more lift and less sag, daily workouts can increase the size and shape of your butt. It will take effort but with effective cardio and strength training workouts, you will build and shape a bigger butt.

MAX-imize the Glute Muscles

The butt muscles are made up of several muscles that play an important role in flexibility, core strength and even posture. The butt muscles are comprised of the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. In order to get a bigger butt, all of these muscles need to be targeted each time you exercise your butt. If you belong to a gym that has an exercise machine that targets all of these muscles combined, this will be beneficial to your workout. Other equipment such as kettlebells and medicine balls can always be used to target these three muscle groups. Kettlebells can be used for lunges and squats. Medicine balls can be used for toning legs and butt with leg lifts and lunges as well.

Move and Groove

Cardio is an essential component needed to lose weight and tone the glutes. While strength training alone may feel like enough, cardio will aid in burning those extra calories and melt the fat away. Hiking up hill, swimming in a pool, stair climbers, an elliptical and even cardio classes are excellent for building a firm butt. Keeping your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes will give you the best results for your cardio exercise. Cardio can be performed 15 to 20 minutes a day, three to five days out of the week.

Strength in Numbers

Strength training is key to building a bigger butt because it's the muscular development in the glutes that results in a defined rear end. You can use various machines and equipment such as a leg press, stationary bike or even a medicine ball to help lift, tone and build a bigger butt. A barbell and dumbbells can be used for deadlifts and squats. Body weight exercises such as squat jumps and jump lunges are perfect for those that do not have access to equipment.

Ready, Set, Rest!

Rest days are especially important because your muscles need to recover from the previous days that you have exercised. Your body needs a day or two off because over-training can lead to decreased performance. Over training occurs when the exercise load is excessive without taking the necessary time for recovery. Taking a rest day doesn't mean eat as much as you want of whatever you want, it means being mindful of your bodies hard work. You wont get to your goals faster without one!

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